(Community-supported agriculture)


know your farmer

Aside from growing it yourself, we can’t think of a better way to get the freshest, most seasonal and local ingredients than buying direct from the farm. 

From mid-June until November, CSA members will receive a weekly share of the farm’s bounty. We offer a weekly market-style, You-Choose share, whereby members will visit Saltbox Farm to choose a week’s worth of produce from the harvest, with specified amounts based on availability that week. In addition, certain offerings will be You-Pick, like green beans, husk cherries, and cherry tomatoes. They will be available at the time shares are picked up. We offer Full and Half shares, both of which are picked up weekly. Full shares are $800, and are enough for 3-4 people; Half shares are $500, and enough for 1-2 people. This method gives members greater flexibility in what they take home each week, allows the farmers to spend less time parceling out boxed shares, and creates an opportunity to experience time on the farm alongside the farmers and other CSA members. Members will also receive a weekly newsletter with a list of produce to expect, farm updates, and recommended recipes to try at home. 

Each season, we grow a diverse range of produce, from seasonal favorites to less common varietals. All of our veggies are grown using only organic and sustainable farming practices with no synthetic herbicides or pesticides. We believe that the best quality produce comes from the best quality soil, and for that we spend all season building up the structure and nutrients using techniques like cover cropping, crop rotation, and compost application. We hope to share this taste of our farm with you! 

Be sure to follow Farmer Mark @farmer_markc on Instagram to get all the behind the scenes looks at work on the farm. 

Check out our FAQs page for more information about our CSA program