meet farmer mark


Mark Congdon first came to Saltbox Farm in 2012, to explore his interest in farming and how food is raised.  At the time, Mark had spent 10 years managing Francesca's Cafe, a beloved community restaurant in Boston’s South End. Instead of stepping into a long time goal of ownership, he chose to continue his path in helping improve the current food system by shifting his efforts towards stewarding the land.  Taking a leap of faith, Mark then left his city life of 13 years and moved to the country to pursue the farming trade and develop his farming skills under the apprenticeship of Don Zasada at Caretaker Farm in Williamstown, MA.  Caretaker Farm, established in 1969, is a pioneer farm and one of the first CSAs established in the country.  

During his time there, Mark learned many aspects of farm life, from preparing and cultivating the land, growing a wide variety of crops, and managing a CSA, to raising cows, chickens, goats, and pigs, as well as managing an orchard.

Born and raised in Shrewsbury MA, Mark is happy for this position here in Concord, Massachusetts and is very excited for the opportunity to play a lead role in the management of Saltbox Farm.  Currently living in Somerville, Mark also loves to travel and experience unique plant life all over the world.  He also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, singing, supporting local farmer's markets, and being part of a food movement that brings sustainable agriculture to local communities.

Have any questions about Saltbox Farm? Feel free to email Farmer Mark.