Summer Cooking Camp

  • 40 Westford Road Concord, MA, 01742 United States

40 Westford Rd. Concord, MA 01742
Tuesday June 27, 2017- Friday June 30, 2017; 9:30-1 pm (4, 1/2 Days)
Students Aged: 8-12

Join us on the Farm for this fun, interactive, and educational summer workshop! We'll work with students on kitchen basics, cooking through everything from salads to pizzas to ice cream. Students will also have a chance to spend time out in our fields learning about our vegetables, chickens, and sheep giving them hands-on experience from the garden to the plate. 

Day 1

Mixed Green Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette
Mac n Cheese with Peas and Ham (Farfalle)
Strawberry Shortcake

On the Farm: 
Head to the field to pick lettuces and other vegetables for our salad. Students will learn how to plant, care for, and harvest lettuce in their gardens at home. Then we’ll move into the kitchen to make fresh, homemade pasta and wash our lettuce to prepare the salad. We’ll finish off the day with lunch and a Strawberry Shortcake dessert.

Day 2

Banana Bread
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cookie Sandwiches
(Sandwich Lunch Provided)

We’ll begin the day at the Little House baking our desserts. Once the desserts are cooling, we’ll take a tour of the animals on the farm. Farmer Mark and Chef Aaron will lead the students to the chicken coop and the sheep pen to show students how we care for our animals throughout the year. We’ll finish up at the Little House for a sandwich lunch (provided by Saltbox) and the desserts we made earlier in class. 

Day 3
Picnic Lunch:
Chicken Salad Sandwich
3 bean salad with SBF Veggies
Sweet Granola Parfait with Berries and Yogurt

We’ll head back to the field today to pick beans and other vegetables for our bean salad. Afterward we’ll stop back at the chicken coop to gather a few eggs for mayonnaise for our chicken salad. Once we’re done cooking, we’ll head outside (weather permitting) for a picnic lunch of our own. 

Day 4
personal pizzas with sauce and a variety of toppings
Caesar Salad
Biscotti with Chocolate Sauce

This last day, we’ll make pizza! We’ll begin at the Little House to make our dough, then we’ll build and bake our pizzas. Saltbox will provide cookbooks with all of the recipes from the week. Students will have a chance to craft their own cookbook cover (supplies provided by Saltbox). Then with the time we have left, we’ll head outside for some relay races and games to finish up the workshop.